If our post last month got your creative juices flowing, here are some more ideas for ways to use your shed for more than just lawn mowers and bags of fertilizer. With a little work and some creativity, your outdoor structures could be just about anything!

Here are 10 more ideas for taking your shed from blah to ah-ha!

1. Playhouse Sheds

Make your kids’ or grandkids’ dreams come true with a backyard playhouse. With a little imagination, your shed could take any form—castle, fort, pirate ship, bunker, tea house, or more. The possibilities are endless! Add some kid-sized seating, a box of dress-up clothes, and some themed toys for hours of make-believe fun.

2. Home Office Sheds

No need to work from home in your kitchen or bedroom. Free up your living space by converting your shed into a home office. A wireless router, desk, and chair, some shelves, and a whiteboard create a workspace that doesn’t interfere with home and gives you a much-needed quiet place to get your work done.

3. Bar Style Sheds

Be the after-hours neighborhood hot spot. After a long day at work, retreat to your backyard watering hole for some liquid refreshment. Add some shelving for bottles and glasses, a wine fridge, and some comfortable seating to make the ultimate place where everybody knows your name.

4. Reading Nook Sheds

What sounds better than curling up by the fire to read on a rainy day? How about an entire reading room? Fill the walls with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves, throw in a fireplace, an overstuffed chair, and a cozy rug and you’ve got a bookworm’s new favorite place.

5. Arts and Crafts Studio Shed

Embrace your artistic side. With big windows and plenty of table-space, you’ve got the perfect place for your art or craft supplies. Paints, easels, sewing machines, pottery wheels, glue guns, yarn, fabric, felt, you name it. Finally you’ll have the extra space you need to spread out (and not take up all of the dining room table).

6. Man Cave Sheds

Make some room for the boys. Fill up this masculine space with whatever the men in your life love—big screen TVs for non-stop sports, video game consoles, a recliner, a foosball table, a fridge—you may never see them again!

7. Theater Sheds

Who needs to pay extra for luxury seating at the movie theater when you’ve got your very own at home? Turn into a real-life movie buff with a private screening room. Add a projector and screen, theater seating, a popcorn machine, and snacks, and let the good times roll.

8. Pool House Shed

Looking for a place to keep all your pool supplies? A pool house could be as basic or luxurious as you’d like. Use it to store your chemicals, toys, and cleaning supplies, or turn it into an outdoor changing room with hooks for clothes, benches for changing, and shelves for towels and swimsuits. Keep the water in the pool and not tracked into your kitchen!

9. Sports Shed

Take your sport league to the next level with an outdoor structure. Install one at the field to use as an announcer’s booth or concession stand. Make your player’s lives easier and use it as a dugout or mini-locker room. Even expand your storage and use it to hold your supplies—bats, balls, cones, flags, and more—so you don’t have to lug it all from home to practice.

10. Summer Kitchen Shed

No one likes heating their kitchen up during the summer. Using the stove and oven in the summer can increase your kitchen’s temperature by up to 10 degrees! Keep the house cool by doing your cooking in your backyard kitchen. Give your grill and smoker a permanent, covered home. Add a sink and some seating and you won’t want to eat inside until October.

What dreams could an outdoor structure help you make come true? Talk to a Shed Yard expert about our premium in-stock and custom buildings and start thinking outside the shed!