Sunny Side Dream Homes

Welcome to The Shed Yard’s exciting journey of a stunning 1200 sq. ft. Sunny Side Code Compliant Model in scenic Fremont County, Colorado! At The Shed Yard, we pride ourselves on delivering quality structures that not only meet your storage needs but can also serve as an affordable, stylish home. Let us take you through each phase of the construction process, from permits to completion, giving you a glimpse into how we turned our customer’s dream into a reality.

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Completed SunnySide in Fremont County


Building a dwelling requires navigating the complex world of permits and regulations. In Fremont County, we ensured that all necessary permits were obtained to transform this building into a fully compliant home shell. These permits, including foundation engineering, allows the building to be used as a dwelling. Permits are essential to ensure safety and adherence to local codes, learn more about our permitting process here. The Shed Yard handled the permit process seamlessly, saving our customer time and stress.


Once the permits were secured, it was time to prepare the building site. Excavation involved clearing the area, dig-out for stem wall foundation, trenching, and ensuring proper drainage. Our team of experts meticulously planned and executed this phase, laying the foundation for a solid and enduring structure.



With the site ready, it was time to pour the foundation. Our professionals worked diligently to create a sturdy base that would support the weight of the Sunny Side model. Properly cured and reinforced, the concrete stem wall foundation ensures the long-term stability of the structure and ease of utility maintenance.

Stem Wall Foundation

Sub Floor

The subfloor is a critical component in creating a comfortable and resilient living space. This residential subfloor is a must with our stem wall foundation option.

Sub Floor Start
Sub Floor Mid
Sub Floor Complete with OSB


The transformation truly started to take shape as the walls went up. Our construction process allows The Shed Yard to build wall panels in a controlled environment ensuring a speedy build time (2 days) and protected building materials.

Roof Installed


At a cost of approximately $80,000 plus tax, The Shed Yard successfully completed the 1200 sq. ft. Sunny Side Code Compliant Model in 4 months. This dwelling now stands as a testament to our dedication to quality and compliance. The Shed Yard handled every aspect of the construction process, ensuring continuity and that our customer’s vision became a reality. Start Your Design Today!

Completed SunnySide in Fremont County

Job Done, Now What?

With the exterior complete, our customer is now ready to finish the interior and connect utilities to make this Sunny Side model a cozy and functional home. At The Shed Yard, we take pride in providing our clients with cost-effective and code-compliant building solutions that align with their dreams. Stay tuned as we follow up with the interior finishing and utility hook-up phases, turning this structure into a beautiful, comfortable dwelling in picturesque Fremont County. We look forward to sharing more about our commitment to excellence and the satisfaction of our valued customers.

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