Are you looking for a new shed and struggling to tell what is quality and what is crap?

A high-quality shed is a must.

Whether it is for storing tools, art supplies, or is your secret hideout– you want to make sure the money you invest in a shed will preserve and protect whatever you choose to put inside.

At Shed Yard, we strongly believe that you deserve a quality shed that will LAST.

7 things to inspect when looking to buy a shed

1. Shed Siding

With any custom or standard shed, shed quality begins with the siding because it is your shed’s main protection from the elements. Shed siding should be water-resistant, cost-effective, durable, low in maintenance, and visually appealing.

shed siding

The most common types of siding material are wood, metal, vinyl, and engineered wood.

A high quality shed typically will have siding that is made to last 30 years or more. Wood and engineered wood siding are the most common high-quality shed materials to use due to their durability and natural look.

If a shed is built cheaply, the siding is the first to give it away. The most common low-quality siding material is plastic. Plastic can be made to look like vinyl but cannot withstand direct sunlight or too much of any of the elements. Vinyl sheds can also be considered low-quality because it is much less durable than wood and vinyl can damage much easier. Vinyl can break upon impact, does not withstand intense heat very well, or may warp in certain elements.

Other ways shed companies might cut corners is by delivering you a wood shed that is unpainted, not stained, or untreated. Untreated wood will not last long and will be very susceptible to damage and rot.

At Shed Yard, we use engineered wood siding because it is manufactured specifically to withstand the elements for outdoor use. We use LP Smartside wood because it is top-quality, moisture resistant, durable, strong, and built to last 50 years. Our sheds come already painted (if you choose) and ready to protect your materials from whatever comes its way!

2. Lumber

If the shed you are looking at is a wood shed, then you will want to inspect the lumber. The lumber in a shed is what keeps the floors sturdy and the walls strong. The type of lumber used directly affects the lifespan of the shed.

High-quality sheds will typically be built with cedar, redwood, douglas fir, or old cypress. These are the more durable and naturally weather-resistant woods. A good shed will have pressure-treated lumber so that it lasts long in all types of weather.

Low quality lumber will be more affordable, but may not last long in the elements. Pine, plywood, and young cypress are low to moderately durable wood.

At Shed Yard, we use premium douglas fir 2x4s for our lumber because this wood is much strong, sturdy and is straighter with fewer knots, allowing us to be extremely precise and accurate in our shed building.

3. Framing

Framing is the “bones” of your shed and what gives it strength. When inspecting the framing, look at the size of the studs and the measurement between them.

Interior A Frame Shed

A well-framed, strong shed wall will be built similar to a house. It will have 2×4 studs with a 16” (or less) on center spacing. A poorly framed shed may have studs spaced up to 24” on center. This corner-cutting will lead to the exterior siding buckling and a structure that is not strong enough to withstand strong winds or snow.

At Shed Yard, our sheds are structurally sound.  Our framing on our standard sheds is  2”x4” studs with a 16” on center spacing.

4. Roofing

Roofing is certainly important to your overall look and appeal, but it is also the first point of contact when it comes to protection against bad weather, particularly rain. A high-quality roof should be waterproof or at least highly water-resistant.

Three-tab shingles, architectural shingles, cedar cuts or shakes, and metal are the most common roofing options and each material differs in price, appearance, and maintenance requirements.

A high-quality roof is one that is going to align with the weather that it is in and allows for very minimal maintenance while lasting a long time. Typically, this comes in the form of asphalt architectural shingles or metal roofing.

A low-quality shed is going to choose the cheapest route and is not going to consider your weather protection needs. When companies cut corners on a roof, they may not even use real shingles but a sheet of material instead. Also, be cautious about low-quality 3-tab shingles that do not wear well. These can be made very cheaply and in return do not last long.

At Shed Yard, you get to choose your roofing. We provide only the best options of either asphalt architectural shingles or a metal roof. Both are built to last for 30 years.

5. Flooring

What is the flooring made of?

A high-quality shed floor will have a strong, sturdy water-resistant sub-frame made with pressure-treated 2”x4”’s with joists 12” -16” on-center. 12” on-center will provide a sturdier floor base, especially if you plan to store heavier items. The 2”x4”’s should be covered by ¾” pressure treated plywood. If you want a shed flood that lasts, then it is vital that the wood is pressure treated to protect from moisture, rain, and rot.

A low quality shed floor might be built with untreated 2”x4”’s and a ⅝” untreated OSB over 16”+ on-center joists. Untreated wood is susceptible to warping and buckling when exposed to high levels of moisture or rain.

You should also have a solid foundation underneath the shed. Many companies offer pads or foundations for purchase or include it with the installation service. A low-quality shed might come with no instruction or service regarding your foundation for your shed.

At Shed Yard, we build a water-resistant wood subfloor with pressure-treated 2×4 floor joists 16” on-center. We reinforce our floors with premium 4×4 pressure- treated wood runners and we work with you to prepare your foundation.

6. Doors, Windows & Trim

When looking at a shed door, you want to consider security, size, durability, and appearance.

custom shed windows

A shed door must provide some level of security if you want to keep intruders out. Built-in latches and locks are the best for providing security. Your door should be tall and wide enough to get what you need in and out of your shed. It should be built with material that lasts and matches the overall look of your shed.

A good door is built with good hinges that are galvanized and will last the longevity of your shed and will not rust over time.

A low-quality shed might have zinc passivated or painted/powder coated hinges and these will only last you a couple of years before you will likely need to replace them. For security purposes, you’ll also want to make sure your hinges are not easily removed by an intruder. A good hinge will not have exposed screws that are easy to undo.

Each opening in your shed (doors and windows) should have a 2×4 wood frame all the way around. A well-built shed will have well-installed windows that do not leak. A lower-quality shed company is going to spend less time on precision and craftsmanship and may install leaky windows.

The standard for housing trim is ¾”, so any more than that and you’re just adding to the shed’s quality!

At Shed Yard, our tallest double doors stand at 6 feet tall and all come with a built-in keyed latch.  Doors and windows are well framed and our doors are built with a durable metal threshold. Our Amish-trained builders install the windows with precision and care ensuring no damaging leaks in your shed. Our standard sheds are built with a 2” trim.

7. Shed Customization

It is important to be able to customize your shed so that you get exactly what you want. A good shed company is going to allow for personalization in your shed. They will work with you and your needs so that your shed is the perfect size, shape, look, and price that you are looking for.

A low-quality shed company is not going to offer customization and “what you see is what you get.”

At Shed Yard, we have a 3D customization tool where you get to design your shed exactly how you want it and see a 3D image of it before you buy it! We then build your shed with you in mind and deliver it right to you.


At Shed Yard, we do things differently. Not only are we a high-quality custom shed company, but we care about you loving your shed and having it a long time. Everything we use to build our sheds are premium quality and made to withstand even the harshest weather. We do not cut corners and we guarantee that our sheds will last a long time.

custom garage shed

We believe in the quality of our sheds so much that we require no up-front payment when you order your building.

To ensure your complete satisfaction in our work, we allow you to design and order your building, custom shed, or storage shed with payment due upon delivery. If you don’t love your new Shed Yard shed, you can return it for a full refund within 7 days of the purchase.

Our Amish-trained craftsmen know a good shed from a bad one. We build the best and the best are made to last.