With so many options out there, it can be difficult to decide which shed style will best suit your needs.

Here at The Shed Yard, we understand that every lifestyle is unique. Whether for work or for play, your outdoor structure should be fitted to you.

We care about getting the right shed for you, so we’ve created this short list of popular shed styles that could be the missing puzzle piece to perfecting your property.

Most Popular Shed Styles Sold Online

1. Classic A-Frame Shed

Classic a frame quaker shed style

Our attractive 12’x16’ Classic A-frame shed is nicer than most college dorm rooms. Two screened-in windows allow for ventilation and natural light and the 5’ double door makes for an easy entrance. The 7’4” walls and raised ceiling add to the vertical storage space inside this stylish storage option.

This beautiful, Classic A-frame can be used for outdoor storage, converted to an art studio, craft room, or playhouse for full functionality and fun!

So, if you’re searching for long-lasting storage that can double as a “hobby house,” the Classic A-frame is for you!

Use our customization tool to add insulation to your Classic A-Frame to keep it cozy in the winter!

2. Quaker Shed

Quaker Shed Gray

Prepare to be dazzled by the charm and functionality of the Quaker shed! 

An overhang above the 5’ double doors separates the Quaker shed from the traditional A-frame shed and gives the structure more of a cottage-like appearance. 

The two fully-functioning, screened windows allow an abundance of natural light and airflow to flow through the space. The 7’4” front wall, 6’4” back wall, and raised ceiling adds extra storage and headroom with a smaller footprint. 

So, whether you’re looking for a new home office or stylish storage space, the good looks and versatility of the Quaker Shed make it a wise addition to your property.

At The Shed Yard, you can customize your Quaker to your own unique style! 

3. Hi-Wall Mini Barn

Hi Wall Barn Jamestown

This multi-purpose, medium-to-large size Hi-Wall Mini Barn gives the most storage space of any shed we offer at The Shed Yard.

The Hi-Wall Mini Barn is a safe and ideal structure for sheltering your smaller farm animals. This building can also be converted to anything from a spacious workshop for your larger projects to a chic cabin! That’s right, customize your mini barn with a loft, insulation, and windows for a unique and cozy mini-cabin. Enjoy your cabin privately, or rent it out for a profit!

The 5’ double doors open up to this versatile 10’x20’ storage building that is perfect for housing everything from your lawn mower to your winter clothes. You can finally de-clutter your home without worrying about the risks of off-site storage units. 

The Hi-Wall Mini Barn is a wise investment from all angles. If you’re looking for the most versatile and spacious shed in the collection, you’ve found it with the mini barn.

Use our customization tool to go floorless, add windows, or install insulation to get a Mini Barn that is perfect for you.

4. Single-Car Garage Shed

large single car garage shed

We’ve created the perfect storage solution for your cars, riding mowers, 4-wheelers and more with our 12’x24’ Single-Car Garage Shed

Keep your car cozy and safe with a lockable garage and easy-access side doors. Park inside for the winter and avoid the chore of scraping ice off your car! 

The Single-Car Garage Shed features water-resistant subfloors and a sloped entryway, making it easy to use a ramp (or gravel) to drive your vehicles right in.

The durability and long-lasting storage space of the Single-Car Garage Shed adds value to your property and makes it a worthwhile investment for your home.

5. Economy Shed

Economy Shed gray

This cost-efficient storage solution is designed to meet everyone’s needs.

Our 10’x12’ Economy Shed is where quality craftsmanship meets affordability. This simple storage shed provides the space you need at the price you want. Perfect for storing gardening supplies, tools, chemicals, and more, the Economy Shed can give you all the convenience you need at a lower cost. 

If you’re on a budget, this shed is the way to go. Equipped with architectural shingles and Smartside siding, this shed will last for years. 

Sort out your storage shortage with the affordable Economy Shed!

The Shed Yard Cares about your Shed or Barn Needs

Your lifestyle is unique. Your shed should be, too

At The Shed Yard, we take your storage needs seriously. Our Amish-trained craftspeople use premium lumber and time-tested techniques to create durable and diverse storage buildings for every lifestyle. From an affordable economy shed to a luxurious mini-cabin, The Shed Yard has the perfect storage solution for you.