When someone says “shed,” chances are you’ll think of a backyard building full of tools, bikes, lawnmowers, and Christmas lights. In short—storage for your outdoor tools and toys. While sheds are great for storage, the possibilities for an outdoor structure are practically endless! Here are 10 ways to use a shed that you might not have thought of before.


1.    Game room

Running out of space in your house for board games, or looking for the right home for your vintage pinball machine? Tired of giving up the TV to video game time? When you give your shed a couch, a game table, and a TV, you’ll find yourself (and all the neighborhood teenagers) looking forward to game time.


2.    Spa retreat

Turn your shed into an oasis of relaxation and calm. Just the right size for a massage table and a fireplace (or even a hot tub!), serenity can be just a few steps away. Quiet music, soft robes, warm massage oil…what’s not to like?


3.    Potting shed

Free up space in your garage and basement and move your gardening to the shed. Rig up your grow lights, add a potting table or bench, create some shelving for your pots and seed storage, and your plants have a new place to start growing, no spring weather required.


4.    Band headquarters

Who says garage bands have to stick to the garage? Move the drum set and amps out to the shed, tack up some band posters, and you’re ready to rock (and dad won’t even yell at you to turn it down!). Next stop, the battle of the bands.


5.    Guest house

There’s no need to pull out airbed and rearrange sleeping situations when you’ve got an extra bedroom in the back yard. Add a bed, some side tables, and a wardrobe and you’re the next family b&b. Now even Uncle Larry can come for Thanksgiving and not keep everyone up with his snoring.


6.    She shed

We’ve all heard about the man cave, but the girls deserve their space, too! A comfy couch, plush throw rugs, and a wine cooler will make your shed the go-to destination for a GNO. The book club ladies are already planning on your house next month!


7.    Hobby house

Hobbies are fun, but eat up much-needed space around the house. Use your shed to build the miniature train set of your dreams, put that lathe to work making table legs, or paint and display your model cars and drones. No need to put away your creations when you’re done.


8.    Gym

Don’t like sweating in public? Work out to your heart’s content in your own private gym. Add a mirror to perfect your lifting form, or mount a TV to watch while you put in the miles on your treadmill. With your favorite machines, rubber gym flooring, and total privacy, you’ll put the local gym rats to shame.


9.    Cabin

Create a safe, secure place to sleep at your mountain property. A shed makes a cozy hunting lodge, fishing shed, or bunkhouse. Add some bunk beds, the antlers your wife threatened to throw out, and some flannel sheets and you’ll be good to go.


10.  Small business

No need to rent out expensive office space when you’ve got a shed in your back yard. The possibilities are endless—barbershops, salons, massage therapy, pet grooming, music lessons, custom sewing, interior design, and more! A workspace that’s close to home, but removed enough to actually get work done!


No matter what escape, experience, or elevation you’re looking for, a shed can help you get there! Talk to a Shed Yard expert today to discover how our in-stock and custom options can take your dreams to the next level.