It can be hard to decide which type of shed to buy. With the variety of brands, sizes, materials, and styles, it is common to spend hours researching which shed is right for you. Often in your research, “Amish-built” sheds will come up. It is important to understand why Amish-built sheds are of higher quality than most other sheds on the market.

At The Shed Yard, our Amish-trained craftsmen are proud of their craftsmanship, build sheds that last, are careful in their measurements, use only the best materials, and build a customized shed just for you.

So if you’re asking yourself Why Amish-built?

Here are 5 reasons why Amish built sheds are better.

1. Craftsmanship

Why invest in pre-fabricated materials and unskilled labor when you can invest in high-quality craftsmanship? In Amish communities, children begin helping their parents build as soon as they can hold tools. This means that by the time an individual reaches adulthood, they already have years of knowledge and experience when it comes to building structures. With this hands-on experience combined with the skills and wisdom passed down from generations of shed builders, you know you’re getting a shed built with integrity.

At The Shed Yard, our Amish-trained craftspeople create each shed with love, care, and attention. We are proud of our knowledgeable team and skilled builders that create unique structures that are built to last.

2. Longevity

Here at The Shed Yard, our structures are designed with longevity in mind. Our hand-crafted masterpieces are beautifully built and meant to last a lifetime with the proper upkeep.

Our architectural shingles are made to last 30 years or more and will faithfully protect your roof from rain, sleet, and snow. We use premium SmartSide siding designed to last 50 years or more, and our water-resistant subfloors add to the longevity of our unique and trustworthy storage buildings.

We truly believe in our Amish craftsmanship here at The Shed Yard, so much so that we offer a 7-year, top-to-bottom warranty. This means that if there are any manufacturer or build-out defects within the first 7 years of owning your shed, we will repair, refurbish, or replace it!

Investing in Amish craftsmanship with The Shed Yard will allow you to enjoy your shed for a very long time!

3. Precision

Tell the mediocre shed-manufacturers to step aside, because they can’t compete with the precision of Amish craftsmanship!

When you decide to purchase an Amish-built structure, you know that every measurement is precise, every line is level, and every corner is clean. The result of this meticulous process ensures that your shed, garage, or barn will be as perfect as human hands can make it.

At The Shed Yard, our highly skilled craftspeople take the necessary time to get it right. So don’t settle for mediocre. Instead, trust the Amish-trained team here at The Shed Yard with all of your out-building needs.

4. Materials

The reason our sheds last longer than the competition is because they’re made from only the highest quality materials.

At The Shed Yard, we source our lumber and other materials locally, which benefits the economy and guarantees a top-quality end product. There are no cheap, prefabricated materials shipped from overseas or plastic panels disguised as lumber.

From the engineered roof trusses with steel plates to the primer and double coat of paint, we take pride in our premium materials. We can keep talking about our locally sourced, high-quality materials, or you can let us show you!

Order from The Shed Yard and enjoy your uniquely crafted shed for many years to come.

5. Customization

If you’re investing your hard-earned money toward an outdoor structure, it makes sense to guarantee that it will fit your lifestyle and storage needs. So keep in mind that pre-built sheds and DIY kit sheds have no customization options.

You have the power to perfect every detail of your shed with The Shed Yard’s customization tool. Choose every feature from window and door placement to paint color. You can even go floorless for animals, or add a loft for extra usable space!

The possibilities are as endless as your creativity with our 3D customization tool. Legendary Amish craftsmanship customized to fit your personal needs– it doesn’t get any better than that.

Amish Trained, Amish Built Sheds

Here at The Shed Yard, we take Amish craftsmanship seriously and we’d love to prove it to you. We have amish sheds to order online for everyone, and our customization tool gives you the power to combine superior Amish craftsmanship with your own unique style.

It’s time to end your search for a shed and trust The Shed Yard team with all of your storage needs.