If you’re looking for a safe, affordable shelter for your animals, think shed! Animal shelter sheds or run in sheds are the perfect size for horses and smaller animals. We at The Shed Yard are proud of the quality animal shelter sheds that we build, and have filled them with special touches to make life easier for you and your favorite animals.


Even though our run-ins are made of wood, we still take the time and materials to include a kickboard.

Why? So you can feel confident that your horses and other animals are safe. Kickboards will protect your shed’s outer walls, but more importantly, will protect your animals from injury from kicking through the wall. Whether they’re rolling in their hay, kicking at flies, bickering with another horse, or just plain horsing around, your animals will be protected.

Horizontal drip edge

There are lots of reasons animals chew on wood. It could be boredom, teeth or ulcer problems, or just a hard-to-break habit. Unfortunately, your shed could be a victim to this destructive habit.

To protect against this, we include a metal cap on top of our wooden kickboards to discourage chewing in the stall.

We also install horizontal drip edges around the roof for the same purpose. Double benefit—the drip edges extend the life of the shed and its roof by directing water away from the fascia and into the gutter, protecting the shingles and walls from water damage after storms.

Wooden roof

While many horse run ins or animal shelter sheds come with metal roofs, we decided it was important to build all of our animal shelter sheds with wooden roofs.

A wooden roof is much quieter during storms, so your animals will feel more comfortable and at ease.

All of our roofs come with premium quality 30-year architectural shingles, so you can rest assured that the roof will be solid and durable for years to come.

Optional Tack Room

What good is an animal shelter shed if there’s nowhere to put all your animals’ stuff? We know how frustrating it is to haul feed and other equipment back and forth, so we’ve added the option of including a tack room to all of our animal shelter sheds and run ins. Make your life easier by having everything you need for your animals safe, dry, and close by.

Shed Yard Quality

In addition to our special touches, we build all of our animal shelter sheds and run ins with the same premium quality Amish craftsmanship as our other sheds and buildings. That means these upgrades all come standard on every building:

  • Premium lumber
  • 30-year shingles
  • Fully painted
  • Vents
  • Engineered trusses
  • Tallest doors and walls in the industry
  • 50-year siding and trim
  • Treated foundation and sub-floor

Fully Customizable

Does your horse have a favorite color? Try out our handy 3-D shed customizer and design an animal shelter shed to perfectly match your needs. You can choose the width and length of the shelter, the siding and trim colors, the roofing, the style and placement of doors and windows, ramps, shelves, lofts and more. Better yet, you’ll get a quote in real-time. What’s not to love?

Expert Help

Not sure what you need? Our friendly staff is extremely knowledgeable about our sheds and how they can meet the needs or you and your animals. Give us a call or drop by our main location and we can help you find the right animal shelter shed for you.

From horses and cows to goats, sheep, and chickens, we know your animals will love the safety, durability, and comfort a Shed Yard building will give them.