If you’ve thought about purchasing a fully-assembled shed structure for your property but worried how you’d get that big, heavy building to your property, our delivery service will put your mind at ease. With a little preparation, the right tools, and expert navigation, we can place your shed exactly where you’d like it to go.

Shed Structures Preparation



Before we deliver your structure, you do need to do a little preparation.  First, make sure that there is enough clearance on the road and property for our delivery truck to drive through. We ask for at least one foot extra clearance on each side of the structure and 14-16 feet of vertical clearance. So, for example, a 10×12 shed would need 12 feet of horizontal clearance and 14-16 feet of vertical clearance.

If you don’t have enough clearance for the truck, don’t worry!  We can build your shed onsite. (More on that later.)



While we can place your shed on bare dirt, we strongly recommend you prepare a gravel pad for your shed to sit on. Check out our blog post on tips for preparing a site for a new storage shed and video here that explains how to get that pad ready. No matter what you choose, though, you do need to make sure the site is level. (We can level the site for you when we deliver the shed, but that will incur an extra charge.)

Now, sit back, relax, and enjoy the delivery show!


Delivery Of Your New Shed

We’ll contact you to set up a delivery day and time. Expect in-stock buildings to be delivered in about 7 days (weather permitting) and custom buildings in 3-4 weeks.


Approaching The Shed Pad Space

We’ll deliver the structure on a trailer pulled by a truck. Depending on your property, we’ll back up the truck to as close to the structure site as possible. Like a certain animated tow truck, we’ve received lots of compliments on our reverse driving skills!


Tight corners? No problem!

Our trailer was specially-built to deal with tight corners.  Underneath the trailer we have extendable sideways wheels that can move the trailer left to right, making the impossible possible! Check out our video to see the sideways wheels in action.


Like r/c cars? Check out our remote control trailer!

Now here’s when things get fun.  Once the truck has gone as far as it can, our remote control trailer will take over. With the push of a button, your delivery person will use the special shed-hauling trailer to move the shed to the end of the bed, utilize the sideways wheels to get it into the exact right spot, lift the bed to gently tip the shed onto the ground, and back the trailer out from underneath. You’re going to want one for Christmas!


Inspection of New Shed Delivery

We’ll do a quick walk-around to ensure the structure is placed properly, the doors are able to open and close, and look for any damage. After a couple signatures on the paperwork, the structure is all yours and ready for all of your storage plans.



As we mentioned earlier, if your property doesn’t have the clearance or access needed to deliver a fully-assembled shed, for an additional fee, we can assemble your new structure onsite.



While our fully-assembled delivery can be handled by one Shed Yard superhero, onsite assembly requires a crew of superheroes. Our delivery truck will drop off the walls and roof of the structure on the street and the crew will carry them onto the site that you have prepared.



Utilizing their super strength and some power tools, the crew will lay the floor, attach the four walls, raise the roof beams, attach plywood roof panels, then lay and attach shingles to the roof. After adding trim and a little touch-up paint, the structure will be ready to go. Check out one of our crews in action in our video.

No matter where you live, The Shed Yard can bring your structure to you!  We can’t wait to wow your neighbors with your new beautiful shed (and our awesome backward driving skills).

We are now Delivering to residents for sheds in Brighton Colorado and sheds in Lamar Colorado.