Spring is just around the corner—are you ready for warmer temperatures, blossoming trees, and lots of springtime projects?  Is your shed ready for summer usage? Now may be the best time to clean out your shed.

When you dive into your spring cleaning, don’t forget about your shed. With all the accumulation of fall and winter stuff that you didn’t want to clean in the cold, spring’s warmer weather is just right for cleaning and organizing. With a few easy steps, your shed will be bright, shiny, and ready for action.

Tips For Cleaning Our Your Shed


Clean Out Your Shed


Clean it out: After a snowy winter, your structure has probably gotten a little messy. Take the time to do a thorough cleaning. Start by hauling everything out and giving the floor a good sweep. Clean up any spills that may have happened while you were hunkered down for the winter.

Clean it up: Before you bring everything back in, clean the windows using your hose on a gentle spray setting.  (Don’t use a power washer!) Lubricate the door handles and hinges, and clear away any spider webs or other insect detritus.


Secure The Sheds Perimeter


Wet = mold: Remember that moisture is a wooden shed’s worst enemy. Mold can form due to water in or around the shed.  Make sure that the area around your structure isn’t allowing water to hang out in or around your structure. Clear away any leaves piled against the outside walls and move any dirt, mulch, or firewood that’s been pushed up against the building.

Control the vegetation: Preparing the area around your shed is very important in protecting the longevity of the shed.  Trim back any shrubs or tree branches that are touching the walls or shading the roof. The more access to sun and air the building has, the faster the wooden walls and roof will dry after wet weather.  Less detritus also provides less temptation for pests to set up shop.


Inspect For Any Damage Of The Shed


Look it over: While your shed is still empty, take a minute to walk around both the inside and outside and look for any damaged areas in need of repair. Check for leaks or other standing water. If you find any, now’s the time to fix them. Look over your windows—any cracks or leaks? Make sure your shingles are secure.  Nail down or replace any loose or damaged ones.

Fix it now: Look for peeling paint, mossy shingles, insect or rodent damage, broken glass, loose floorboards, or anything else that might be broken and repair it immediately. Taking the time now to fix problems when they’re small helps you avoid big repairs or major loss down the road.


Organize The Shed


Dry it off: One of the biggest causes of mold in wooden sheds is wet equipment. Before you haul everything back inside, make sure your tools and belongings are clean and dry. A dry shed is a mold-free shed!

Take stock: Is there anything in your pile of belongings you haven’t used in a while or won’t use in the future? Make some space by throwing out old, expired, or used up items and donating items in good condition that you don’t need anymore.

Make space: Take advantage of all of your structure by installing hooks and shelves to keep your belongings clean, organized, and off the floor. Wall or ceiling hooks are great solutions for bikes, shelving and buckets work well for bottles, cans, and sports equipment, and a peg board is a perfect solution for hanging tools.

Keep out the critters: If you store animal feed or seeds (anything a critter would want), make sure they’re in air-tight metal containers. Don’t give those critters any excuse to hang out in YOUR space.

Organize: Now that winter is over, place the snow shovels, blowers, and winter sports gear in the back. Make sure the tools and toys you’ll want for the spring and summer are easily accessible near the door.


Now sit back, relax, and enjoy knowing your Shed Yard structure is ready for the flurry of outdoor activity that sunny weather brings.


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