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Cottage Coop

The Cottage Coop Package is a gorgeous take on our classic design. In other words, the chic cosmetics have been added to a timeless design profile.

Board and Batten? Yes please!

Coupling board and batten with a clean black & white finish gives a modern farmhouse/cottage appeal that we are so excited about. Therefore, plan on spending more time with your flock than usual.

Inspiration is the driving force behind creativity in our minds. Undoubtedly, we were inspired by our favorite Instagram celebrity, Sarahjoyblog.

Chicken coop pose

Inspired By

Sarahjoyblog is one of the best lifestyle bloggers/instagrammers on the internet.

See for yourself!

Check out her blog HERE

Her style and genuine personality made fans out of so many people at The Shed Yard. For this reason, we’re honored & excited to be offering this COTTAGE COOP package inpired and named by her.


Chicken Door & Ramp

Chicken Door and Ramp provides easy access for your birds.

  • Lockable Keyed Latch
  • Door can be closed while Ramp is installed
  • Automatic Door option available

Nesting Boxes

5 Nesting Boxes 

  • Entry free harvesting
  • Oversized Capacity
  • Lockable Keyed Latch
  • Can lock in the Open Position

Utility Door & Roosts

Utility Door & Roosts

  • Oversized Utility Door for easy maintenance
  • 2 Roosts run the length of the Coop
  • High Roost for dominant birds


18″ x 27″ Aluminum Windows with Screens

  • Entryless visibility
  • Screened windows for additional ventilation
  • 2 windows


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